Ghost Millionaires

With influences ranging from X to Y, Ghost Millionaires play the gamut from heavy minor-key rock to Z-esque pop, stopping at places as diverse as A, B and C, and all somewhere this side of somebody really good.  

The band’s moniker is an artifact plucked from the dark recesses of Lou Reed’s mind, stealthily appropriated from an early VU song. “We wanted something universal but also something NY”, says singer Mani Cregan. So what could be better than to crawl from the primordial ooze of the proto-Velvets, equal parts pop/rock/punk/classic all dressed up in melody and beautiful noise?! 

But this New York quartet are not about hero-worship for its own sake.  Instead they’re all about that sacred transfer of energy:  From band to song to audience to band and around it goes, spiraling ever upwards and outwards. E=MC2 in infinite feedback. You have Mishti on drums, all cheekbones and Elvis hair.  Guitarist Alex Nolan, an ambassador of laconic badassery.   And then there's Burke on bass. “Burke is the Garth Hudson of the group.” says Mishti, “You could put a different instrument at every hand and foot and he’ll play em all while blowing on a kazoo at the same time.” Finally there’s singer Mani, from Dublin.  Or as Mishti calls him, “the worst Irish guy ever”.  “It’s true” says Mani, laughing, “she and Burke know way more Irish music than I do and they’ve got better accents too.”   

Ghost Millionaires are currently playing their first rounds of shows. 

Live @ Shrine

Live @ Shrine

And I send out signals with light 
Day after day 

Night after night 
Hoping that somebody somewhere will come rescue me 
Hoping that somebody somewhere out there 
... might still believe” 

— Symphony Of Broken 

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