David Bowie

Monday, Jan 11th, 2016

David Bowie is my Alpha and Omega. Everything I do as a writer or musician is with an implicit sidelong glance to see what he would think. My imaginary David usually sits there on my shoulder saying “that’s crap mate”. And that’s how I like it. His aesthetic basis informs every single decision I make but more than that it informs the very "how" of how I perceive. Not that I'm alone in that. The list of people like me is a very long one. 

Bowie is the set of all possibilities. He’s the origin; the fulcrum; the singularity between the the past and the future, the Old World and the New. He is as much the rebirth of everything that came before him as he is the birth of potential energy for everything that came after. I mean who else could release these records... 

Bowie Uncut

Space Oddity 
The Man Who Sold The World 
Hunky Dory 
Ziggy Stardust & The Spiders From Mars 
Aladdin Sane 
Diamond Dogs 
Young Americans 
Station To Station 
Scary monsters & Super Creeps 
Let’s Dance 

...and in a little over 10 years? The stylistic breadth, the songwriting, the musicians, the sound. It’s mind boggling. Low alone is perhaps the greatest post-rock record ever made. And what did he do when he finished that? Just went and made "Heroes". Always forging ahead. Not to mention during all that time he produced Lou Reed’s Transformer album and produced and cowrote Iggy’s Lust For Life and The Idiot (perhaps my favorite record of all time). Career-defining albums for both these all-time greats. 

Who else could knock out a quick classic (All The Young Dudes) so his buddy Ian Hunter could have a hit record? Who else could sing alongside the incomparable Freddie Mercury and not be hopelessly outclassed as a singer? David motherfuckin’ Bowie. That’s who. 

Planet Earth is blue today.  And so am I.  

Mani Cregan 

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