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Thursday, Feb 18, 2016 

Ghost Millionaires - Willy Wonka
Strike that! Reverse it! 

As I look at my ever-growing to-do lists, the mountains I have to read, the social media accounts I simply must maintain, the contacts I have to organize, not to mention all the actual music things I have to manage or grow or work on for Ghost Millionaires, I feel the creeping sense of dread overtake my soul:  “What if I can’t do it all?”, “Why am I doing this anyway?” "Can I just curl up in a ball now?” 

Once you start down that road it’s not long before you may arrive at “Why does anyone do anything?”  But don’t worry Donny, this isn’t nihilism creeping in, but the thin end of a particular wedge that ultimately leads to increased prioritization.  Hopefully… 

One of the most useful tools I’ve learned over the last few years is the Eisenhower Decision Matrix, a fancy name for a very simple idea: You classify everything according to two questions: Is it important? Is it urgent? From those simple questions you get four categories: 

  • Important/Urgent 
  • Important/Not Urgent 
  • Not Important/Urgent 
  • Not Important/Not Urgent 
That’s it. Simple huh? I’m pretty sure anything you’ve got on your plate can be somehow represented on this matrix. The idea is to then use the tool to reorganize your time management as much as possible so that you are constantly focusing on things that are Important but not Urgent.

Try it. You might like it! 

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--Mani Cregan

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