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Behind The Folding Half-Moon

You paint your face and hide away Your lotus feet are bound
You have a wish not to be seen
A wish not to be found 

You measure out your syllables
In certain ratios
You make yourself invisible
When the Half-Moon folds

Behind the Folding Half-Moon Behind the Folding Half-Moon baby
Behind the Folding Half-Moon maybe
There’s another life
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Careful What You Wish For

You're going out after dark 
To drive around in your car
Try to find a dream come true
Or catch a falling star
You never get very far
No matter what you do

So Careful what You Wish For 
You just might get to hold on to me 
If you're not careful you'll see what I mean 
You say you wanna be loved 
So come on join the club 
Cross your heart and hope to die  Read more